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Unreal Tournament III Review

Image via Wikipedia Unreal Tournament III,  isn't what the name would suggest, it's a common FPS multiplayer with online game play. The game shares similar characteristics with Gears of War II, which came out in the same year. The style of the game is a fast paced FPS game with splendid graphics, effective game play and memorable gimmicks.

I've played both of them on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there's slight sound glitches with the PS3 version, but that might just be me. Other than that, it's a pretty great FPS for the price, I mean, I got it pre-owned at Gamestop for $5.00, for game like that, it's a steal.

Let's begin with the cons: 
Whenever your starting a match, it takes a few seconds for the textures to load, which is somewhat irritating. The problem should be eliminated if the game is installed on the hard drive. Another con is that the control settings are difficult to adjust for "n00bs" to FPS games. The campaign, it's a little tiresome to …

God of War: The Series Review

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When I first put this game in my console, I was thinking "Oh, another game based on Greek mythology, it shouldn't be anything special.  But by the Gods of Olympus, I was terribly incorrect. The intro shows a man with ashen,white skin saying: "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me..." Right off the bat I thought the voice acting was really good. Kudos to TC Carson who brings the main character Kratos to life in this series.
Your journey begins on a ship in the mythical "Aegean Sea" where these lovely  beasts called "Hydras" are destroying the ships and sailors, withe the help of a legion of undead soldiers. You know the challenges to come are only going to get more intense from here....

Gameplay The fighting style of Kratos (the main character you play as) is so fluent and fun, nothing is more satisfying than turning your enemies into mincemeat with the Blades of Chaos. The level of destruction you can levy against your enemi…

God of War Trilogy - God of War 1: Review

God of War (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When the first game in the series came out, the developers didn't have the best technology, considering the fact that it was made in 2005. But at the time when the game came out, it was spectacular. The story, the game play, the graphics were good but still limited.

The game play was nice and fluent, and the developers continued to use that same style throughout the series. Out of the whole series, I believe that this is the longest running out of all the games. After the game was released, it immediately was rated a 9.3 on GameSpot.

The plot revolves around a spartan warrior who serves the gods with promises of his past memories and nightmares being rid of. He's given a final quest to go and kill the God of War, Ares. Hence the title being "God of War". It's not often this type of brutal, action-adventure game comes around. At the time, people were amazed at how incredible the game was. Overall, the game was fanta…

God of War Trilogy - God of War II: Review

God of War II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)God of War II is the sequel to God of War 1, and is surprisingly better but not as memorable as it's predecessor.

Plot:  When you start up the game, you see one half of Kratos' face as you did in the previous game. After he killed Ares, he was given the throne of the God of War. He commands his army to attack and conquer the city of Rhodes in Greece. He leaves his throne to aid his men when Zeus takes the form of an eagle and takes away Half of Kratos' god powers. Then he revives a Colossus Statue to destroy him (while ironically destroying everything in his path).

Kratos defeats the statue at the cost of sacrificing all of his godly powers and putting them into the Blade of Olympus. The falling hand of the statue smashes Kratos and breaks his armor, mortally wounding him. Zeus appears and takes the Blade of Olympus and drives it through his torso, killing him. Kratos vows to take revenge on Zeus and he aligns with the Titans to do so.


God of War Trilogy - God of War III: Review

God of War III (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This is the direct sequel to God of War II, and there is some very drastic changes.


  Immediately after the events that took place in God of War II, Kratos is temporarily aligned with the Titans in the Second Great War. Poseidon attempts to dispatch Gaia and Kratos protects her from him by fending off his poorly bred horses. Ripping their jaws off and stabbing them with their own appendages, fantastic. Once you take Poseidon from the sea, you get a First Person View from Poseidon of Kratos brutally pulverizing him.

Once Poseidon is killed (by gouging his eyes out and throwing him off the cliff), Gaia informs Kratos that they are close to Zeus, and they go up the mountain, meet him, and they unfortunately they are cast to the edge of the Mountain while Gaia tells Kratos he's a mere pawn and then Kratos falls to Hades. (Or more specifically, the River Styx). The river Styx takes away all of his powers and ruin his Blades. He then meets an…

God of War Trilogy: Chains of Olympus Game Review

God of War: Chains of Olympus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)God of War takes it portable with the PSP in Chains of Olympus. You can tell this is the game that didn't go forth in the name of Olympus, aside from the title.

This takes place before God of War I, where in this one Kratos is merely doing the bidding of the gods with promises of forgotten deeds. Helios is captured by Atlas and Persephone so Morpheus could "lullaby the gods to sleep".
Game play: 
The one I've played is the one that was ported to the PS3 with God of War : Ghost of Sparta, and the game play paled in comparison to it's predecessor which was made 3 years from it. Every time I tried evading the camera twitched, and speaking of the camera, there isn't even as many screen shakes as it used to be. And you sadly only get ONE magic attack throughout the game. The graphics are excusable due to it being a game on the portable console. Aside from those flaws, the game play is alright. 

Spec Ops Airborne Commando

Where do I begin? If you love Spec Ops Ranger Elite and Spec Ops Covert Assault, you'll hate this game. Why? Well for starters, Spec Ops Ranger Elite and Covert Assault were originally offered by Runecraft Take-Two Interactive. Spec Ops Airborne Commando comes along, you expect the same style game play, and user interface but nope, you now realize they changed the developers and the publisher to Big Grub & Gotham Games, Big mistake in my book. The game play and graphics are horrid, and to make matters worse, before you can even get to the actual game play you are taken to a difficult "training course" that is almost impossible to beat because the instructions are extremely vague. See below:

Spec Ops Airborne Commando

Now for some of you, you may think this isn't so lame but when you consider the fact you can't even get to this part until you pass the "training segment" which sucks and doesn't really "teach" you anything, nor does it ex…