God of War: The Series Review

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When I first put this game in my console, I was thinking "Oh, another game based on Greek mythology, it shouldn't be anything special.  But by the Gods of Olympus, I was terribly incorrect. The intro shows a man with ashen,white skin saying: "The Gods of Olympus have abandoned me..." Right off the bat I thought the voice acting was really good. Kudos to TC Carson who brings the main character Kratos to life in this series.
Your journey begins on a ship in the mythical "Aegean Sea" where these lovely  beasts called "Hydras" are destroying the ships and sailors, withe the help of a legion of undead soldiers. You know the challenges to come are only going to get more intense from here....

The fighting style of Kratos (the main character you play as) is so fluent and fun, nothing is more satisfying than turning your enemies into mincemeat with the Blades of Chaos. The level of destruction you can levy against your enemies is only limited by your own imagination here.
When fighting the Hydra, you have to read it's simple attack pattern and keep attacking. Then a Minigame icon appears above it's head, you attach the blades to it and you slam it's head against the walls. I was truly speechless, for 2005 game that was pretty impressive for a game to have that kind of brutality.
As the game progresses, you get extra abilities and you get orbs which help you level up the weapons and abilities you acquire. If you pay attention to your surroundings and get every orb you can get, you'd be a pretty powerful warrior by the end of the game. While an extremely brutal game, the cut scenes are great, not too long- but usually a welcomed site after you've been deluged with one battle after another. You go on a great adventure with this game and when you complete it, you feel as though you have been through the fires of Hades and emerged on the other side victorious. A must buy, if you are into these types of games. 


It's pretty typical for games to have this style of soundtrack, I personally loved the soundtrack to this game. Speaking of personal, the soundtrack was supposed to represent Kratos' feelings that is typically what all background music does, it's either there to convey the main characters feelings or to help you the player/watcher get a sense of the overall mood taking place. Overall I'd say it has a pretty good soundtrack.

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