God of War Trilogy - God of War 1: Review

God of War (video game)God of War (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)When the first game in the series came out, the developers didn't have the best technology, considering the fact that it was made in 2005. But at the time when the game came out, it was spectacular. The story, the game play, the graphics were good but still limited.

The game play was nice and fluent, and the developers continued to use that same style throughout the series. Out of the whole series, I believe that this is the longest running out of all the games. After the game was released, it immediately was rated a 9.3 on GameSpot.

The plot revolves around a spartan warrior who serves the gods with promises of his past memories and nightmares being rid of. He's given a final quest to go and kill the God of War, Ares. Hence the title being "God of War". It's not often this type of brutal, action-adventure game comes around. At the time, people were amazed at how incredible the game was. Overall, the game was fantastic back then, and is still remembered to be legendary today.

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