God of War Trilogy - God of War II: Review

God of War IIGod of War II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)God of War II is the sequel to God of War 1, and is surprisingly better but not as memorable as it's predecessor.

When you start up the game, you see one half of Kratos' face as you did in the previous game. After he killed Ares, he was given the throne of the God of War. He commands his army to attack and conquer the city of Rhodes in Greece. He leaves his throne to aid his men when Zeus takes the form of an eagle and takes away Half of Kratos' god powers. Then he revives a Colossus Statue to destroy him (while ironically destroying everything in his path).

Kratos defeats the statue at the cost of sacrificing all of his godly powers and putting them into the Blade of Olympus. The falling hand of the statue smashes Kratos and breaks his armor, mortally wounding him. Zeus appears and takes the Blade of Olympus and drives it through his torso, killing him. Kratos vows to take revenge on Zeus and he aligns with the Titans to do so.


     The same exact engine used to make God of War 1 was used to make this game. The only difference is you get more items and weapons. You get a virtually useless spear and a somewhat useful hammer, and you get Typhon's Bane which is just a Bow & Arrow utilizing what I believe is the element of wind.

Overall Rating:
9.5/10  --> It's a lovely game, but it will not be as memorable to us as the first one.

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