God of War Trilogy - God of War III: Review

God of War IIIGod of War III (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This is the direct sequel to God of War II, and there is some very drastic changes.


  Immediately after the events that took place in God of War II, Kratos is temporarily aligned with the Titans in the Second Great War. Poseidon attempts to dispatch Gaia and Kratos protects her from him by fending off his poorly bred horses. Ripping their jaws off and stabbing them with their own appendages, fantastic. Once you take Poseidon from the sea, you get a First Person View from Poseidon of Kratos brutally pulverizing him.

Once Poseidon is killed (by gouging his eyes out and throwing him off the cliff), Gaia informs Kratos that they are close to Zeus, and they go up the mountain, meet him, and they unfortunately they are cast to the edge of the Mountain while Gaia tells Kratos he's a mere pawn and then Kratos falls to Hades. (Or more specifically, the River Styx). The river Styx takes away all of his powers and ruin his Blades. He then meets an after image of Athena who gives him the Blades of Exile. He then begins his quest to find and kill Zeus yet again.


It's still not different from it's predecessors, but there are drastic improvements. Instead of getting crappy extra weapons with good powers. You get good powers with actually good extra weapons that have their own unique ability. You also get to use the Blade of Olympus more frequently. Throughout the game he uses it to finish certain enemies off.


It's a wonderful game, and a fantastic way to end the God of War series. (There are rumors of a sequel coming out in 2012).

10/10      Excellent game in all aspects.

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