Spec Ops Airborne Commando

Where do I begin? If you love Spec Ops Ranger Elite and Spec Ops Covert Assault, you'll hate this game. Why? Well for starters, Spec Ops Ranger Elite and Covert Assault were originally offered by Runecraft Take-Two Interactive. Spec Ops Airborne Commando comes along, you expect the same style game play, and user interface but nope, you now realize they changed the developers and the publisher to Big Grub & Gotham Games, Big mistake in my book. The game play and graphics are horrid, and to make matters worse, before you can even get to the actual game play you are taken to a difficult "training course" that is almost impossible to beat because the instructions are extremely vague. See below:

Spec Ops Airborne Commando

Now for some of you, you may think this isn't so lame but when you consider the fact you can't even get to this part until you pass the "training segment" which sucks and doesn't really "teach" you anything, nor does it explain what you need to know in any detail you'll quickly give up trying with this game. This game is a complete "snoozer."

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