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PS3 Yellow Line of Death, aka YLOD : The truth is....

English: On the left, an original "fat" PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. This is a 60 GB model with backwards compatibility and memory card reader. On the right the 120 GB PS3 "Slim" model. Shown with a DualShock3.This is the JPG version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok I thought I was making a smart purchase about a year ago by getting a FAT or PHAT backwards compatible PS3. Yeah, I guess I was chasing the rainbow on that idea since little did I know at the time that these older fat consoles hide a little secret..THE DREADED YELLOW RING OF DEATH, or aka YLOD.

The Yellow line of death rears it's ugly head usually as a result of the fact the system has overheated. The older PS3's are famous for this and if you ask me, Sony should give us all a refund for a faulty console!!! Now..there are,  a lot of sites and videos out there that will tell you how to fix the YLOD but what they don't tell you is this is just a temporary fix at best.
Whether you use a heat gun y…